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1501 Car Buying Guide with Fuel Efficiency and Safety Ratings

4.6 ( 5776 ratings )
Forfatter: Alpha Labs, LLC

Vehicle Information & MPG

This app will provide you with information to help with researching any vehicle!

* Over 1500 cars, trucks and SUVs from tons of manufacturer are reviewed.
* Includes all MPG, annual fuel cost, CO2 emissions, oil, barrels used along with electric and hybrid equivalents.
* Find each makers best models and reasearch any model.

Key Features:
* Browse by any car & year
* All engines types included
* Search car models easily
* Find the best MPG car quickly
* Find the best annual fuel cost quickly
* Find out what the gas guzzler tax will cost you
* Review the newest window MPG stickers
* Updated automatically as new cars are reviewed

The data for this app comes from the Department of Energy and is updated automatically. This app aids in finding out what the true cost of owning a car will be!